The Decayed

Album: The Decayed EP (2017)

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Song: Beaten and Battered

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The five members of The Decayed have been performing in punk bands throughout Chicago and Seattle for over 20 years.

Jahsh, Jake, and Pat all came from a nationally touring street punk band, Failed Resistance. Over just three short years as a band, Failed Resistance released four full length albums and three split records. Touring non-stop between 2002 and 2005, the band toured with the likes of The Casualties, The Unseen, Leftover Crack, Lower Class Brats, Monster Squad and many more. The band attracted significant crowds all over the USA, but were known in Chicago as having some of the most creative and unpredictable live shows. After a sold out show at Chicago's Metro, Failed Resistance disbanded during their prime in 2005.

After the bands demise, Jake formed a new band with a few friends called Vile Display of Humanity. After playing in and around Chicago for a year, the band decided to pack up and take the band to Seattle where they continued to perform at expansive venues and touring the west coast. After seven years, the band broke up and Jake made the decision to return to Chicago to reunite with his old bandmates.

While Vile Display of Humanity continued to perform in Seattle, Jahshie P formed a unique hardcore/bluegrass band called Last False Hope. He formed the band with many of his longtime best friends, including Stevie Lee, of local death metal bands The Grey Matter and Iniquitous to take on the drumming position. After a few years, the band went through some member changes and acquired Daniel Wintercorn of Break the Silence (Hopeless Records) fame to take over the guitar position in the band. Over the past 8 years Last False Hope has performed alongside the likes of The Casualties, The Unseen, Nashville Pussy, Jello Biafra, and many other notable musicians. Last False Hope continues to this day, performing all around Chicago and the Midwest, including headlining spots at MoonRunners Music Festival in Chicago and Muddy Roots Festival in Nashville, TN.

The Decayed formed in early 2017 with a passion to bring back the thrash/punk sound of old, while making it their own by combining influences of metal and hardcore. This unique mashup provides a music style only possible because of its members' diverse backgrounds and collective music experience.